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Ted is a very funny movie, it’s about a teddy bear who one day gets electrocuted and becomes real. The teddy bear belonged to a little kid MIGliORL LIQUidi per sigarette elettroniche and he wished one day that it would come to life along with a price and that’s exactly what happened in. On a random occurrence of events a raging thunderstorm was occurring outside when all of a sudden a bolt of lightning hit Ted which causes him to be roofing contractors davenport ia able to live. This reminds me of Frankenstein since the way he was able to come to life is by getting electrocuted.

One thing right off the bat I noticed with kids like is that there MIGliORE SIGAretta elettronica seems to be a reoccurring theme of electrocution. That was no different in the movie Ted because it followed the same plot is all these other movies who either gave kid super abilities or had objects help with the them. Now you would probably think that this movie LETTI Singoli a scomparsa would be for kids but unfortunately that is not the case because there is a lot of vulgar and sexual language going on throughout the movie. To be quite honest this is not a movie would want to take your family to and this is a movie you would probably want to take your girlfriend to are just a bunch of friends. Continue reading

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Jack The Giant Slayer

This movie looks very similar to Jack in the beanstalk, and for those of you who don’t know Jack was a kid who got some magic beans which when planted and cared for it would grow into a giant beanstalk just like. One day Jack decided to climb of beanstalk to see where it leads and he took him to the layer of a big huge giant.

The directors try to put a twist to the movie so that it won’t be so similar to the book and they did it in a very smart way. What they do differently was instead of making it to seeing that Jack went up the beanstalk by himself in the movie they made it seem that he went up with the Army of people which he volunteered to go to save the Princess because she was hot, if you have never seen this movie yet  you can check Siding davenport vinyl out sites on google. This movie was meant to be a kid and family movie so don’t expect any violent or any explicit scenes because they do not exist in this movie. This movie is still a great movie nonetheless and it brings out the magic of the story of Jack in the beanstalk. Continue reading

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Movie 42

This movie is about baseball which is my favorite film to watch.

42 is about the story of Jacky Robinson and how he got into a white baseball league which is unheard of back then since whites and blacks were not allowed to share anything, not even on. A lot of people were extremely offended about having a black person on the team since they viewed black people as trash back then.  This film is about Robinson getting use to that new world of back ball and how the world was also getting use to him. Continue reading

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Independence Day

This movie is about 12 forces come down to form an alien invasion tend to hate the people of Earth and this movie stars will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom who has a lot of on the internet. Will Smith has done a magnificent job in this movie https://www.wattpad.com/user/lamiglioresigaretta but he usually finds and does great  MOVIES that he performs. He is one of the very few actors who gets over 20 million the movie which shows his dedication and devotion to the craft of. Most people may think will Smith or should I say see will Smith as a mediocre actor and some see him as  one of the best practice to ever do it. Everyone has a personal opinion and it doesn’t make either person right a wrong but it’s safe to say that he’s a decent actor nonetheless. Continue reading

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Stricter Privacy Laws

It seems that Russia is getting stricter with their piracy laws since they have now just signed a law which states that search engines will have to block access to all piracy related websites. This not only applies to search engines but this applies to individual websites as well. This is taking antipiracy to tool a whole new level sense no other country has a law strictly against specific search engines and websites. Russian file sharers are also at risk because their traffic is being monitored to check for people who  and if this activity is detected you could be held liable for any damages that may have occurred. This can include paying thousands of dollars in fines which can literally leave you bankrupt. If this was a good reason not to pirate any illegal material in this day and age. Continue reading

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Get Away (Second Review)

Getaway is a very cool movie starring Selena Gomez and this movie reminds me of fast and furious but instead of having multiple racers there’s just one guy with one car. The director of this movie is the same director who filmed that shity movie called Dungeons & Dragons which can be watched  all over the internet and. The only thing that saved this movie was Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke. He then Hawke plays a race car driver use the drive professionally but then decided to retire from his racing days because he’s getting a little older. Continue reading

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Getaway (2013)

Well, if you haven’t guessed it this is another one of those low budget drama films which Ethan Hauk seems to love apparently. The main characters of this movie are Ethan Hauk and Shelia Gomez and to be brutally honest, this was not a combination I was expecting. Ethan Hauk give her a motive to stay or to go, if she picks the wrong choice her life can be instantly over and there is  not much she would be able to do about it at that point. This would be best watched on a website like.

At the beginning of his career Ethan was considered one of the best actors to watch on the big screen but unfortunately as time progressed that slowly started to decline. The decline started because he started to take smaller roles which made its value as an actor much less. Almost every movie and subsequent movie that he was in he was never the leading guy an example of this would be the movie training day with him and Daniel Washington. Hawks last leading role was the movie sinister and the only reason that he got the leading role was because the director was from Weinstein. Plus you no longer have to Google to find Selena Gomez anymore, she is now doing movies. Continue reading

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Independence Day

For people don’t know Independence Day the movie came out in 1996 so this movie is not new but a enhanced reenactment, if you haven’t seen it do a google search for good movies or to find a link  to watch. Four kids at that time period seen Independence Day as the next Star Wars and they truly believe that it was the greatest thing ever made. This movie stars Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum in, and these vinyl replacement windows davenport guys are generally dealing with the alien Apocalypse which was about to occur in the movie.

Aliens are going all over the world and people are terrified since they have never seen or experienced anything like that. The ship was huge which cover the size of a city or several cities which made people more paranoid. Jeff Goldblum plays a smart guy in the movie and he uses computers and other forms of technology to figure out exactly what’s going on with. Will Smith on the other hand placed the bad ass with guns blazing and a cigar in his mouth, this is the type of movie you would want to watch. This reminds me of freak the mighty which was a book that I read in high school with freak being a small scrawny little guy and mighty was his big ghoulish dome friend who used the but it’s only together they were able to take on the world.

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The Host

The nickname for this movie is called invasion of the body snatchers, similar to a virus taking over a host, this movie is pretty much about teen drama bullshit. Throughout this movie wonder things that you would probably be saying the Moses why did they do that because there are a lot of things that don’t make sense. Continue reading


For one this movie is called battleship and the sad part about it is there’s only like one battleship within the entire movie. So you’re ready know where I’m going with this, it makes no sense to call a movie battleship when there’s only one battleship scene which is not so long. A lot of critics were making jokes about this movie for the fact that it’s called something that it’s really not about. To me this seems like a pure amateur mistake and no reputable the studio would ever do something like that, that’s what I was thinking when I initially heard about this. Continue reading

Movie Hangover

The movie the hang over was one of my favorite movies ever since I like to get drunk every night and sometimes I don’t remember what happened the night before. This is not uncommon since there are a lot of people who have the same issue when they drink to much. Hang overs are the worst since it usually leads up to you bent over a toilet throwing up.

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This movie is a very cool movie reminds you of your typical sci-fi movie that you might catch on the sci-fi channel but with better quality. Elysium is inhabited space habitat for the rich and powerful which is located in the space station in outer space. This place is very peaceful very rich and very nice as opposed to what’s going on in the present they earth. There are people dying, writes going on, and people are just losing their lives to scramble to get what little they have. Continue reading

Blue Jasmine (Quick Review)

Surprisingly this movie is directed by Woody Allen we might know from various other films steady produced throughout 2012 – 2013. There are pretty big names in his movie like Kate, and Mr. Baldwin, etc. This movie was filled with the giant cast which has very talented people who went aboard on the trip. In this movie Kate plays a woman who still in with the divorce like most women around her age and this divorce is time-consuming and energy draining. Throughout this will be she shows displays of serious social issues and seems like a generally socially extroverted person. Not only that but she is showing an acute sign of mental issues as well. Continue reading

Movie Technology

I like the direction the the movie industry technology is going, this is highly do to the fact of having 3d technology already built in. A lot of movies that are being released not only being released in HD and BLU-RAY, they will also have a 3d copy. I think this is a great idea sine this will help all the early bloomers who like to adapt to the new technology as soon as it comes out. I personally don’t have a 3d tv myself but one day I look forward to getting one since this tech technology add another depth to music in itself. Continue reading