Why Collagen Creams Are A Waste of Money!

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If you’re using collagen creams in hopes of reducing wrinkles, then you might want to reconsider. Using creams are the most Neanderthal way of reducing wrinkles once you understand how collagen really works. The creams are one of the reasons why most people think that collagen doesn’t work or that it’s a flat-out scam, this is why I recommend people check out collagen supplement research before purchasing in type of collagen product https://twitter.com/collagensupplem. The truth of the matter is collagen actually works because our bodies naturally produce it, but it must come from an organic source as outlined on this collagen protein supplement site, source for to be effective. Not to mention it must be taken internally for it to be truly effective, and I’ll explain a little further.

If you haven’t already read our write up on “what is collagen“ then I highly recommend you do so that you can better understand what collagen is. In a nutshell, collagen exist to our whole entire body. It’s one of the most abundant proteins within our bodies and we wouldn’t be able to live without it. After the age of 20, we lose 1% of collagen each and every year. This is the main reason why our skin starts to wrinkle and SAG it’s all due to the fact that our body is producing less collagen. Most people who use creams have very little understanding on how collagen actually works and how the body works. If most people had a better understanding of their bodies/collagen, then I guarantee you most people would never bother with creams. Unfortunately, a multitudes of people have been misled thinking that creams are the answer to restoring your skin back to its youthful days and that cannot be further from the truth.

Here’s The Truth


You see, for collagen to be truly effective, it must be ingested, meaning you have to take it orally. With collagen creams all you’re doing is applying it topically, which isn’t absorbed by the body. This is why people rarely see any results when using creams and why majority of people think that it doesn’t work. Imagine if you had a beat-up vehicle and all you did was put a brand-new coat of paint without removing the dents, sanding it down to bare metal and getting to the root. As you would imagine the vehicle’s new paint job would not look nearly as good. This same concept applies when you use collagen, simply applying it on your skin won’t do you any good once you understand that collagen is something that you have to ingest. Applying it topically will provide little to no benefit.

Collagen is a protein; it is measured in Daltons (atomic mass unit). For anything to be fully absorbed by the skin it needs to follow the 500 Delton rule which you can read “here”. Basically, the skin cannot absorb anything more than 500 Delton’s. As a matter of fact, the 500 Delton rule that it’s known by all cosmetic chemists and dermatologist. Now there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, the skin cannot absorb anything higher than 500 Delton’s, the molecules are simply too big. Any pharmaceutical topical solution you find in stores or prescribed to you will always follow this rule because they know that there’s no way around it. However cream manufacturers do not follow this rule and the reason why is that once a product enters the 500 Da (daltons) territory it’s now classified as a drug and therefore would no longer be a cosmetic product.


Now, collagen creams have a molecular weight of 15,000 to 50,000 which is 30-100x greater then what can be absorbed by the skin. So by definition collagen creams CANNOT WORK! They don’t fall within the 500 Delton rule. Now you’ll find a few companies that say that their product follows the 500 Delton rule by suggesting on their label that it has “smaller molecules “or it’s “penetrable by the skin” but all of this is just a play on words. Like I said, any product that is 500 Da or less has to be classified as a drug. So unless the cream that you’re purchasing is classified as a drug (which you would most likely need a prescription for) then it’s 100% guaranteed you’re going to end up wasting your money and not seeing any results.

But I’ve Seen Some Results with Collagen Creams?

The minimal results that you see from creams are nothing more than a side effect of the cream acting as a humectant (moisturizer). With that being the case, you could use any cheap moisturizer and get the same results that you would get from buying a cream.

Another reason why the creams “seem” to work is due to the fact that it acts as a film over the skin filling in surface irregularities. A lot of these creams also have peptides and other proteins to enhance this effect. But just like with the analogy I use with the car, you’re simply covering up instead of fixing the problem (and doing a poor job at that). As soon as you wash your face, any benefits are gone.

So What’s the Solution?


The solution is quite simple, you should take liquid collagen because that has been shown to be the most effective in all avenues. You see collagen doesn’t only affect the skin, it affects the cartilage, joints (arthritis pains), osteoporosis, bones,  hair, skin and nails, your heart and other organs. So for the same price that you’re paying for the top of the line creams you could be getting a supplement which would not only help you with your skin but will help with all the other important parts of your body that you wouldn’t be able to benefit from by using a topical solution.

The brand we recommend that you use is Skinade, which has been clinically proven to work. The reason why liquids in general are more effective is because it has a 95% absorption rate not to mention it bypasses the digestive tract so that affects our immediate.

Do yourself a favor and purchase collagen liquids instead of creams because by purchasing creams you’re simply throwing your money out the window.

At the end of the day you can’t argue with science!

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