The Best Hydrolyzed Collagen That Money Can Buy

If you’re looking for the best hydrolyzed collagen supplement, then I recommend you checkout Skinade collagen supplement.

What Is Collagen

Basically in a nutshell, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, it’s far more important than calcium even though most people believe that calcium is important for strong bones (just as a side note, calcium only make your bones dense were as collagen actually makes your bones stronger), if you have low levels of collagen but high amounts of calcium, all that will lead to is dense brittle bones. Our bones contain 35% of collagen so as you can see it play a huge role in having strong health bones epically when you start to get older. Also our muscles, skin and tendons also contains collagen as well.

It’s important to have adequate levels to also keep your muscle mass from shrinking. No matter how much you work out or how carefully you watch your diet, you’ll slowly start to gain weight as your muscle mass start’s to decrease. The reason why your bodies muscle mass start’s to decrease is primly due to lack of collagen production. By taking a collagen supplement, this will prevent this from happening and your muscle mass will remain at a consistent level.

Collagen makes up 1/3 of all the proteins within our body so without it our bodies literally start to break down. There are about 16 different types of collagen within our body but the most abundant ones are type I, type II & type lll.

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen?

All Hydrolyzed means is the protein has been broken down into smaller amino acid compounds which is better absorbed by the body.

What’s So Great About Skinade?

We’ve done a write up about Skinade which you can read here. Skiniade is the brand that most celebs use for their collagen needs. If you are not aware by now, a lot of celebs & athletes use collagen for various reasons, celebs use it to keep thing looking young and athletes use it to keep their body functional since 95% of our organs contains collagen and as we get old (usually after the age of 20) our body lose 1% each year.

Skinade contains both type I and III collagen which are the 2 most important ones your body needs. Type II is not as important as type I & III.

Now even though there are a lot of different brands of collagen out there, none of them have the credentials that Skinade has been featured in over 60 magazines, has been clinically proven to actually work, has been personally tested by one of the writes of cosmopolitan magazine (which you can read here) and has an 8.3 out of 10 on, and the list goes on.


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