Collagen Supplement Review


One of the best collagen supplements on the market hands down has to be Skinade due to the fact that it’s all natural and highly effective, you can read more about it “here”. Skinade is a brand of collagen that is backed by scientific research which proves its effectiveness in rejuvenating your skin as well as your hair, nails, joints and organs.

Rated As One Of The Best

They also have an 8.3 rating from which is pretty high compared to most ratings. It has been reviewed and tested by over 60 magazines including Cosmopolitan Magazine which one of the editors tested the product for 30 days and posted their before and after results.

Unlike topical solutions, Skinade is a collagen drink which has a 95% absorption rate by the body unlike other forms of collagen which has a maximum of absorption rate of 60% and topical solutions have a significantly less absorption rate.

Why Use Collagen?

After the age of 20 our bodies loose priestly 1% of collagen each and every year, this is why our bodies start to develop wrinkles as we get older. Our bones also contain about 30% proteins and out of that 30%, 95% of that is made from collagen. This is one of the reasons why collagen play’s such a major role in our bodies. Not only that but the cartilage around our joints needs collagen to function, without enough collagen the cartilage around our joints start to weaken which leads to arthritis and other joint problems.

Your muscle mass also begins to shrink when there is an absence of collagen within your body, this leads to unintended weight gain. Studies have also shown that people with shrinking muscle mass also tend to develop sleeping problems. By maintaining an appropriate level of collagen your muscle mass will stay at consistent levels.

This Is Where Skinade Comes In

This is just a few of the reasons why our body really needs collagen but not just any collagen it needs a complete source of collagen like what you would find in Skinade. Collagen can come from multiple sources but the best type of collagen comes from marine life (fish) which is what Skinade use as part of their formula. Skinade is also a hydrolyzed collagen which means that it’s broken into amino acids that can be better absorbed by the body.

Skinade is also the best tasting supplement on the market compared to other known brands. If you’ve ever tasted a collagen supplement, then you’ll know firsthand that some of these things really taste disgusting, Skinade on the other hand has a great tropical taste that most people would love.

Another reason as to why we support the Skinade brand of collagen and not others is due to the fact that they are one of the very few collagen companies that have morale’s. What I mean by that is some collagen manufactures use dead baby fetuses in their ingredients. Yes, you read that right, dead baby fetus according to and despite this practice being legal it is absolutely disgusting. As mentioned before, Sinade use a fish source of collagen which studies have shown works better than any other form of collagen out there.

With all the being said, there is no other brand of collagen that I would personally recommend more than Skindade. You can view their website at

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